When will the DJI Phantom 5 be Released

The question on everybodies mind is when will the DJI Phanton 5 drone be released?

The latest form of the DJI Phantom is the phantom 4 pro and what a stunning piece of kit it is but with all thing tech the forward march is relentless with ever increasing improvements and new features being added all the time.

But so far in 2017 we have not seen an improvement to the Phantom 4, this years major product release saw the DJI Spark come to market and nothing much else from DJI.
So many people that are thinking of buy the Phantom 4 Pro may be a little hesitant on making that big purchace just incease the Phantom 5 lands in the DJI Store this autumn 2017.

Here are a few past DJI Phantom release dates
Phantom 3 Pro and Adv, April 2015
Phantom 3 Standard August 2015
Phantom 4 March 2016
Phantom 4 Pro November 2016

I think an important thing to add is that the DJI Phantom drone carried the same camera through all of P3 until the P4 Pro, so I would expect that the new Phantom 5 will have the same camera as the P4 Pro and we might not see an improvement on the camera until a P5 Pro or even a P6.
I think the time has come to radically change the Phantom or even drop it and let the DJI Mavic take the lead.

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