DJI A New Adventure Unfolds – New Drone?

dji A New Adventure Unfolds

DJI A New Adventure Unfolds advert first seen in the DJI Store Aug 30th 2017. Is this the precursor advert for a new DJI drone, the Mavic 2 or Phantom 5.

dji new droneWe think looks too small for a new Phantom or Mavic, more like a new FPV racer.

Looking at this sample image you can see that it looks short and stubby but also wide giving more lift at a slower RPM.

We’ll add more to this page when we find out or add your views below and we may include them in the edit.

Update 31st Aug 2017: Looks like this an upgraded Mavic Pro that will be called Mavic Pro Platinum.

Offering greatly reduced noise and 30min flight times. More specs to follow.