DJI Battery Care Video Guide

This DJI battery care video guide shows us 5 things that can certaintly kill or cause irriversable damage to your DJI battery or any Lipo battery you may own.

I will add that I would not recommend storing all your batteries in your home and definitely not in a combustible storage box.
If possible store your Lipo / DJI batteries in a cool room on a non-combustible surface or vented metal box.

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Video from Youtuber Kailash Naik

Here’s a few more DJI Lipo battery care tips.

1. If your DJI battery Lipo looks puffy or swollen DO NOT charge, discharge or use it again. This could be the result if you do.

2. Always use a quality branded LiPo battery balance charger that also lets you discharge when needed. If you have DJI batteries use the charger it came with as you might void your warranty using other chargers. Always keep an eye on the balance across the cells of the LiPo battery, one of the first signs of a failing lipo is that a cell may lose charge much quicker than others.

3. Never leave your DJI battery / LiPo charging while unattended. If a lipo battery starts swell while charging, smoke, or catches fire you need to be able to immediately take action. In an event of a lipo fire if it’s safe to do so turn the power to the charger off and use a Class D fire extinguisher

4. Buy a Class D chemical rated fire extinguisher and a non-combustible surface or vented metal box to charge and store your DJI batteries / Lipos in.

5. Be very careful using univirsal chargers, never overcharge your LiPo battery, always use the correct DJI battery charger for the type of battery you have. Over charging may result in a battery fire.

6. Never store your DJI LiPo batteries with a full charge for more than 2-3 days, doing so will greatly reduce the performance of the battery. You should discharge the battery down to around 3.8v per cell or what the manufacturer recommends for safe storage until you wish to charge for ready use again. Also never let your Lipo fully discharge, letting your Lipo fully discharge will cause irreversible damage.

7. Always store your DJI batteries / LiPo batteries at room temperature, if outdoors place your batteries in a shaded cool spot. Take note of where the sun might shine through a window in your home or your car. This can be the result of leaving your Lipos in a hot car.

8.Do not store batteries in a refrigerator. Removing a chilled Lipo battery from a cold fridge into ambient temperature can cause condensation formation to occur on and inside battery, this can cause electrical faults and a possible Lipo fire.

9. Always remember that heat is the number one killer of all LiPo batteries. You should always rest a bettery after use before charging and after charging it, the extra heat generated in a DJI battery / Lipo from use or charging may be added to by placing the battery in charge or use may casue thermal runaway that will result in a lipo fire.

10. You should know this one already, LiPo batteries be it DJI or other brands don’t work so well in cold weather. The lower the temperature the shorter your flight times will be due to chemical interaction that goes in within the lipo. Drone flying below -10c is not recommended but not impossible as your flight time can be drasticaly reduce and just could suddenly fail without warning and drop out of the sky. You can buy lipo jackets that keep your battery warm but these are more for custom made dones where the location of the lipo battery it determined by the user.

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