3DR Site Scan software to work with DJI

3DR and DJI set to team up to implement 3DR’s site scan software on DJI drones.

In news released Aug 1st 2017 3DR state that they are integrating the well known Site Scan software platform to work on DJI drones. News of this integration marks a major expansion of the Site Scan platform, giving pro pilots another option in workflow as many professional pilots have chosen DJI drones as their main working platform.

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For Site Scan customers, flying a DJI drone has the exact same workflow: you can use our mobile app, Site Scan Field. DJI drones will work seamlessly with Site Scan, including its autonomous flight modes, multi-engine cloud processing, and suite of tools designed for construction, such as: performing topographic surveys, calculating cut and fill volumes, measuring stockpiles, exporting native Autodesk file formats, and much more.

DJI Director of Strategic Partnerships Michael Perry said, “This integration is a significant milestone for the AEC industry and we’re excited that 3DR Site Scan users can now use DJI drones to convert images into actionable data that helps project stakeholders save time and manage costs.”

Read the full pres release on the 3DR website here.