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This little guide is for all the people that own a HAKKO W.E.P soldering station with the stupid little heat key thats needed to adjust the temperature. Make a hakko wep soldering heat key Get an old credit card and cut out a peace 25mm x 40mm I found out that only one key slot is needed and its: 9mm with 1.5mm cut 15mm deep. HAKKO WEP SOLDERING HEAT KEY  

FLIR TAU 2 Thermal Imaging Core Set-up Video

FLIR Tau 2 Thermal Imaging core set-up video guide. Thinking about going thermal with your drone, this FLIR Tau 2 video guide shows you how easy it is to set-up the Tau 2 thermal core. You don't have to be a tech mastermind to install the Tau 2 thermal core, it works just like any 5v FPV camera you'll find on most drones and with a camera switch you can keep your visual camera and be able to switch to thermal using your RC unit. Download the FLIR Camera Controller GUI Tau 2 Quickstart Guide Tau 2 Product Specification Tau 2 Electrical IDD Tau 2 Software IDD FLIR Camera Controller GUI User's Guide

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