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Atlas, The Human Powered Multirotor

On June 13th, 2013, the AeroVelo's Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter captured the long standing AHS Sikorsky Prize with a flight lasting 64.1 seconds and reaching an altitude of 3.3 metres. The competition was initially opened in 1980, and over the course of the 33 years that followed, dozens of teams from around the world pushed the limits of existing technology in pursuit of this once-thought-to-be impossible goal. This video is a compilation of footage from the record flight, as well as previous test flights. For uncut videos of the record flight visit the AeroVelo YouTube Channel. Music by Nick Martel, Dan Gauthier and Ray Footage by AeroVelo and Martin Turner of Visiblize.com

Paintball Drone Gunship – a DIY Combat UAV from Game of Drones

Game of Drones introduces UAV's to the masses with a new web series about amateur drone design & aerial combat competitions.  We demystify drones while sharing design, engineering and friendly combat games through fun, inexpensive projects for the whole family.  We also blow stuff up.   It's 1/2 demolition derby and 1/2 Skynet.   The Game of Drones team is made up of artists, inventors, robot builders, video producers and designers.  We have almost 100 years of collective experience in robots, machine art and combat entertainment industries.     We work with clients who require unique technology solutions for a wide range of industries, including electric vehicles, event production and drone fabrication.  Currently we are developing the world's toughest drone frame for amateur combat and UAV hobbyists. http://www.GameofDrones.biz http://www.facebook.com/GameofDronesCA http://www.twitter.com/GameofDronesCA

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